Thursday, December 11, 2008

Manny Does It Again!

photo grabbed from

i know this is late but i just had to blog it.

it was really awesome how manny pacquiao beat oscar dela hoya on the non-title bout last sunday.
it was labeled a mismatched in favor of dela hoya but who would have thought that it was the other way around?

watching the fight was really not much of a thrill as dela hoya wasn't throwing any punches against pacquiao.
he just let himself be clobbered by a smaller guy.

good job for pacquiao and his coach freddie roach for preparing for this fight. as for dela hoya i guess they were too confident and didn't much prepare for a strategy or fight plan. probably just relied on being able to land a powerful punch to keep pacquiao dizzy for the rest of the fight.

too bad. the fight ended(TKO) with oscar his face battered and bruised while manny with no bruises in his face at all.

but i have to give credit to dela hoya for being humble and approached pacquiao's corner as soon as his coach announced that they had enough.
when interviewed this was what the mexican fighter said,
"He was the better man. He deserves all the accolades."
"If it's not your night and a true champion defeats you... there is still another day tomorrow."

Monday, November 24, 2008

Ayannah Meisha's Christening

yesterday we trooped to san fernando, pampanga for the christening of Ayannah Meisha. ayannah's mom, noanne is a very dear friend of mine when we were in asiana til she transferred to emirates.

as expected we were late again and we weren't able to attend the church ceremony.

aqi had a field day running around the clubhouse and park while i was busy chatting with friends.

this is Ayannah Meisha M. Baluyut... isn't she an angel?

at 1 month ayannah looks like her dad which the mom hopefully wishes that it would change and look like her in the future.

aqi with sleeping ayannah

hubby, aqi ,me, kristian, ayannah, noanne, dulce and alvin
too bad we missed one more friend who wasn't able to make it coz her daughter was just recovering from a digestive problem. this picture would have been complete.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Alpahabet Song

overheard a yaya with her alaga,

yaya: "kanta tayo! eh-be-se-de-e-ep-je..."

poor baby....

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

2nd Anniversary

happy 2nd anniversary hugsy.... ilove you.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sports Clothing as the It Thing to Wear?

there are a lot of rules in fashion but at the end of the day it all boils down on dressing for one's own comfort and individualizing each outfit to stand out from the crowd and making it your own.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Future MasterBaker

let me tell you that the kitchen was never my territory.
my hubby does waaaayyy better than me in being a domesticated person.

last week i saw a simple recipe on how to make shortbread cookies. it just had 3 ingredients and said to myself that i can do that. the steps seems fairly easy so i decided to make some the other night.

the verdict? hubby says i have a future in baking! the cookies were pretty good and it reminded him of lengua de gato.
aawww.... i felt so happy hearing this..... a future in baking.....
just need more practice. practice. practice.
i can do that!
i'll make some tonight.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Brother's Psychic Ticket to Fame

last week was the season for tv programs to feature supernatural stories for their halloween special.

Matanglawin hosted by Kim Atienza had a topic about a haunted house somewhere in (i forgot). together with him to make it more spooky were The Spirit Questors, a group of young, pyschic volunteers, who communicate with human and non-human entities.
everybody in our household waited for this program not because of the story but because Juno, my brother is a spirit questor. yup... his 10 minutes of fame. he even had a spirit stand behind him. creepy!

and oh we also saw them again on another program Chillspot on the ETC channel.

that's about it!

My Closet=The Tambyolo

i have been very busy lately trying to clear out the clutter that is my closet.
Hubby says it's like a tambyolo for the grand draw wherein you just rely on your luck to get a piece of clothing that you want.
it's taking me daaaayyysss to organize it because i can't let go of some or most of my stuff. it's funny how i feel that way as some of my stuff i haven't used for years and the other half of it i totally forgot that i had them in the first place!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Trip to the UK (ay-ukay)

Guess what I found in an ukay-ukay store!

My hubby who is an ukay-ukay addict dragged me to this shop to look for some thermal outfits. I wasn't planning to buy anything but my eyes sparkled when I was able to unearthed these 3 beautiful items:

  • a black halter jumper
  • a white sequined top
  • and an original LV Saumur bag
All of the items were in good condition. I just had to buy them!

Well I still had to haggle some more with the bag and kept on looking at it to check if its the real thing. I was skeptic at first but my hubby insisted that the lining, straps and the markings were just like my Montorgueil.
We haggled some more and got it for a good price.

Now I'm keeping my eyes wide open the next time my hubby drags me there coz I just might find me a vintage Chanel.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat!

for a 1 year old the whole trick or treat experience was for the parents- especially the MOM- ahem... who so excitedly dressed their little bundle of joy with the child having no choice as to what costume he would like to wear. poor little babies... hehehe...

for aqi's first trick or treat experience we took him to sm southmall, a stone's throw away from our house. he was dressed as a dragon which i got on sale at old navy.

the costume was not presko as it was designed for use in the US but aqi was such a trooper because he didn't attempt to struggle his way out of his costume. he was game with doing the trick or treating while the parents and the yaya enjoying every minute of it.

we decided to eat when we sensed that aqi was already tired and rest he did. as we were giving our orders at kenny roger's aqi was already sleeping in yaya's arms. i think we stayed there for an hour and a half just to have a comfortable place (meaning strong aircon) to stay while aqi napped. he never slept that long in a mall before.

let me leave you a picture of us after aqi woke up- recharged and ready for more kalikutan!